Custom Gun Finishes LLC
Don't let our business name fool you, Custom Gun Finishes LLC not only provides personal, customized refinishing services, but also buys and sells guns, ammo, accessories and reloading supplies. Value added services include professional refinishing, gunsmithing, and repair services to competitive and recreational shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement officers and, of course, hunters. We are Class I & Class III dealers and are happy to do transfers from your online purchases.

About DuraCoat

DuraCoat is a series of industrial specialty coatings applied to firearms to provide a durable, impervious finish which both protects the firearm as well as provides a distinctive color and/or pattern of the customer’s choosing. DuraCoat comes in over 150 colors and the finish can be flat, tactical, semi-gloss and whatever the customer likes. DuraCoat even has metallic, pearl and velvet additives for those looking for more flashy finishes. If you imagine repainting a room, first you pick the room you want painted, then prep the walls, patch and clean, then you pick the color(s), possibly a faux finish and texture along with type of paint like gloss, semi-gloss, flat, etc. Upon completion, you enjoy the new look and feel every day for many years or until you change it up again. That is exactly what DuraCoat does for a rifle, pistol, or accessory and how it makes you feel about your investment.

DuraCoat is a relatively new product marketed by Lauer Custom Weaponry. DuraCoat is used by top manufacturers like Remington and Barrett, DSA Arms. Lauer promotes DuraCoat as a do-it-yourself for those equipped and capable of refinishing. However, amateurs may have difficulties or inadequate preparation supplies to complete a quality job. The cost to hire Custom Gun Finishes may be cheaper, with guaranteed results, than the time, money and effort a do-it-yourselfer would have to spend.

For the competitive shooter, everyone knows a nice-looking, groomed firearm is the envy of the range. For the hunter, same is true for those in the camp! On top of it, the properties of DuraCoat allow you to go shooting or hunting for the day, come back, clean the bore, and put the gun away until the next day…no cleaning, oiling, or babying it to death. DuraCoat completely protects the internal and external parts so no rust develops.
It is truly a remarkable product that not only protects your valuable investment, it also makes the appearance sharp and unmistakably yours.