Custom Gun Finishes LLC
Don't let our business name fool you, Custom Gun Finishes LLC not only provides personal, customized refinishing services, but also buys and sells guns, ammo, accessories and reloading supplies. Value added services include professional refinishing, gunsmithing, and repair services to competitive and recreational shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement officers and, of course, hunters. We are Class I & Class III dealers and are happy to do transfers from your online purchases.

About Custom Gun Finishes

Custom Gun Finishes LLC provides gun refinishing and repair services to people interested in competitive and recreational shooting, law enforcement, and hunters both locally and nationwide.  CGF is fully insured and is an FFL. When comparing services and prices, keep this in mind to be assured you are working with a reputable, legal company.

Custom Gun Finishes, owned and operated by Troy Dando of Cumbola, PA, was established to provide a professional DuraCoat® service to customers who do not want to purchase the products and materials and tackle the job themselves. DuraCoat® can be sensitive to temperature and humidity, and results can be undesirable if completed by a novice. The adhesion of the coating is contingent on proper preparation and application. Troy received certification in finishing from Steve Lauer, President of Lauer Custom Weaponry, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Troy is a Certified Finisher and Authorized Dealer of DuraCoat® products with a reputation for eye-catching, customized work.

 “Make The Old New, Make The New Custom”

Custom Gun Finishes is also fully certified by TWN Industries as a Master Decorator using water transfer printing (hydrographics).  Again, hydrographics can be done by the do-it-yourself but results can be lousy.  Why take the risk of spending $100 on a kit, another $50-$100 on supplies, prepping and finishing and not getting the desired results? For a few more dollars, leave the finishing to the trained and be assured of a quality finish.  Prices vary for firearms but typically an entire pistol or long gun starts under $275.  Email for a personal quote.

Because a firearm is valuable and typically a prize of the owner, Troy takes special care from the time of the order through refinishing and delivery. Each project is discussed in detail to make sure the customer is knowledgeable about DuraCoat® and the exact colors or patterns desired with examples or photos provided, if available. A quote is provided at the time of order. Costs for finishing range depending on color scheme, pattern, type of firearm, and turn-around time.  Troy stresses the importance of certainty in color selection due to the permanency of DuraCoat®. Unlike Krylon, gun-coat and other over-the-counter products, DuraCoat® is permanent and can only be removed through many tedious and expensive hours of alum oxide blasting.

Minor gunsmithing including:

  • Scope mounts
  • Sling swivel installation
  • Installation of after market parts (sights, stocks, rails, rings, triggers)
  • Adjustments
  • Parkerizing (a common military finish)
  • Barrel Fluting
  • Barrel Threading
  • Muzzlebreaks

We are proud to announce that we offer bluing, with top-of-the-line results due to meticulous proper preparation and buffing techniques. The key to a consistent bluing job is our unmatched attention to detail. You will be totally satisfied!

DuraCoat® offers a color called Gun Blue which highly resembles traditional bluing but gives you the benefits and unlimited protection. Something to keep in mind if considering bluing but if you are adamant on bluing, we will gladly accommodate.

Convenient Location
Located just outside of the city of Pottsville, Schuylkill County, our location to serve Northeastern, Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania is ideal. Major cities like Reading, Allentown, Philadelphia, Wilkes-Barre and Harrisburg are all within a two hour drive.   We offer retail sales of guns, ammo, reloading supplies and accessories at 139 Sunbury Street, Minersville with a second licensed location for refinishing, repair and gunsmithing (no longer open to public).

Custom Gun Finishes holds an FFL for each location, and shipping is an option for those customers located outside a reasonable driving distance to the shop.  Call (570) 399-5436 for more information on shipping or for an appointment.

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