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Don't let our business name fool you, Custom Gun Finishes LLC not only provides personal, customized refinishing services, but also buys and sells guns, ammo, accessories and reloading supplies. Value added services include professional refinishing, gunsmithing, and repair services to competitive and recreational shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement officers and, of course, hunters. We are Class I & Class III dealers and are happy to do transfers from your online purchases.

Weekend Forecast at Custom Gun Finishes

Just a quick post to all our customers….

Custom Gun Finishes, 139 Sunbury Street, Minersville is open all weekend for your hunting and firearm needs.

Troy was at distributor this morning and fresh supply of various handguns, ammo and long guns for hunting, Christmas presents or self-protection.  Purchased guns not as common in our shop to switch things up a bit and keep inventory from being stale.  Whatever you choose, you are sure to get the best deal in the area so shop wisely!

Hope to see you all at some point and to hear how you made over the last two weeks at bear/deer camp.  Share your pics of family fun with us on facebook so we can keep up with the scoop and spread some gossip:

Mike W of Drums was the lucky winner of the Big Dog 17 ft 2-man ladder tree stand.  Thanks to all who stopped and participated in our customer appreciation drawing.  Keep our shop your #1 place to go and you will keep receiving the perks.

Weather is supposed to be uncommonly warm so swing in for a box of ammo to fine-tune your skills and grab a free target with your purchase.


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Friday: Noon to 9 pm

Sat: 9 am to 9 pm

Sun: 9 am to 5 pm

Mon: closed (by appt)

Tues & Wed:  5-8 pm

Thurs:  4-9 pm

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