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Don't let our business name fool you, Custom Gun Finishes LLC not only provides personal, customized refinishing services, but also buys and sells guns, ammo, accessories and reloading supplies. Value added services include professional refinishing, gunsmithing, and repair services to competitive and recreational shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement officers and, of course, hunters. We are Class I & Class III dealers and are happy to do transfers from your online purchases.

Summer Means Ammo Drawing for our Customers


Along with DuraCoat, we are pleased to announce we are also using the Cerakote line of products. Get your ideas at Cerakote Coatings

Been gorgeous the last few days and forecast has it hot this weekend.  Why not pack up a cooler and head to the range with a new firearm, some ammo and have some family fun?  Custom Gun Finishes has the product you need to enjoy a few hours, several hours or all day.

Along with typical inventory, a brief listing of new/used below:

S&W M&P Sport II AR15

DPMS Oracle AR15  5.56/223

Ruger LC9s Pro 9 mm

SCCY CPX-2 9 mm in Crimson/SS

I/O AK47, Hellhound 7.62 x 39

Ruger LCP with laser .380

Remington P380

GSG 1911 22 LR, 5″ with faux suppressor

EAA Witness 9 mm (preowned)

Charter Arms .38 snub in Tiger Stripe (cool alligator one is on order)

Ruger Mini 14

Looking for Reloading Components, we have most Alliant, IMR, Hodgdon

Red Dot (8 lb only)


CFE 223

CFE Pistol

Blue Dot

AR15 Comp

Power Pistol

….too many to list, you get the idea….


Tonight through July 1st, entries will be accepted for a box of Armscor 9 mm and a 100 rd box of Winchester 22 lr.  No purchase necessary, just stop in and enter name, email. Winner drawn at close 7/1 & notified.

Reminder that rules change for National Firearms Act (NFA) in early July so if you are considering purchasing a silencer, please ask what we have in-stock.  There is enough time to process the paperwork prior to the deadline if you hurry in this weekend and browse your options.  Otherwise, feel free to do your shopping at our online Powered Store Custom Gun Finishes Silencer Shop. We’ll hook you up completely with the transfer, fingerprinting and make it easier than the perception of what it takes to obtain a tax stamp.

Many manufacturer’s are making firearms threaded from factory.  You may ask “Why a silencer, I thought they were illegal.”  Answer is:  “NO, not illegal, a bit pricey to pay government and a long lead time, but certainly not illegal”.   Believe me, I, not Troy, do the majority of the paperwork and keep it very simple for you.

Once you experience plinking with a 22 LR and the noise reduction, you will know exactly why people own them for a variety of calibers.  Plus, there is lots of national movement to allow silencers for hunting.  It hasn’t happened yet for Pennsylvania but things are looking positive.

Enough rambling…will catch up with you when you swing in.  If we don’t see you, have a safe and wonderful July 4th.   Did I mention, exploding targets are stocked?  




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