Custom Gun Finishes LLC
Don't let our business name fool you, Custom Gun Finishes LLC not only provides personal, customized refinishing services, but also buys and sells guns, ammo, accessories and reloading supplies. Value added services include professional refinishing, gunsmithing, and repair services to competitive and recreational shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement officers and, of course, hunters. We are Class I & Class III dealers and are happy to do transfers from your online purchases.

Hurry In to Custom Gun Finishes….as quick as we stock firearms, out the door they go…

Little note for the last minute Christmas shoppers, the politicizing of gun control has increased demand. Our distributors notified us their stock is depleting faster than normal and orders are heavy which, in turn, delays their ability to fill and ship.  Therefore, guys be prepared….none of this last minute expect miracles stuff!

Most customers know we use a local distributor, Shirks, in Lebanon, but they are also slammed with orders.   We are doing our best to get the models you want but if there is something particular, please stop-in.  We will go to Shirks this Friday morning.

If you are new to the firearms market and considering personal protection item, please come see us.  We will gladly work with you to put the best fitting firearm in your hands and cover your questions to safely store and use your firearm.

All of a sudden, we got lower on our Glock.  Distributor was rather limited in selection this week but was able to grab some 9 mm.  Again, we can always special order but if you want to walk-in and walk-out, suggest you do it Friday.

Glock 26, 9 mm

Glock 27, 40 S&W

Glock 42, 380 ACP

Glock 36, 45 ACP

Glock 30S, 45 ACP

Glock 40 MOS, 10 mm

Glock 29, 10 mm

Case knives and miscellaneous items for that unique gift.  Federal automatch 22LR, 325 rnd boxes are $24.50.   Reloading powders, new and used firearms as well as pretty much every caliber ammo for target practice or personal protection.

For online shoppers, remember we are signed up with Gunbroker, CDNN, Grab-A-Gun, Sportsman’s Guide and many others.  If you buy online, simply have it shipped to our FFL for a 20 transfer fee.

Be safe and enjoy this festive Christmas season.  Hopefully, I’ll have time to string the lights on the outdoor Christmas tree and pretty things up before the holiday is here and gone.

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